Drivers and Services (from Registry) Window

The Drivers and Services (from Registry) window is designed for scanning a list of drivers and services specified in the registry.

Window Appearance

Vba32 AntiRootkit drivers and services Drivers and Services (from Registry) Window
Drivers and Services window

Information Display Modes

The various information display modes are available to provide comportable viewing of the list:

1. Provided the Check digital signature option is set (check of digital signature of detected objects), the Don’t display drivers and services digitally signed flag will allow excluding from the list information on the signed objects.

2. With the help of the Type context menu you can select the type of the objects (only drivers, only services, all objects), the Status menu allows specifying the status of the objects (active, inactive or all).

Information Provided

The information is displayed in the form of table where:

  • the Name column contains the name of a driver/service;
  • the Display name column contains brief description of the driver/service;
  • the Group column contains the name of a group that the driver/servise belongs to;
  • the Image Path column contains the path to the scanning driver/service;
  • the Information column contains results of scanning the driver/service by the antivirus engine.

Action on Objects

  • refreshing and scanning list of objects by pressing the Refresh button;
  • viewing the driver/service information specified in the registry by double-clicking the name of the module;
  • enabling/disabling the driver/service by setting/unsetting a flag opposite its name;

Note: At that the value of the Start parameter, that is responsible for the start type of the corresponding driver/service, won’t be modified. When disabling all information on the selected driver/service from a registry key will be moved to the Vba32Disable registry branch specially created for this purpose. So you can restore it by enabling.

  • deleting information on the driver/service by pressing the Delete button.

Note: In this case all information on the selected driver/service will be deleted irretrievably from the registry!


Drivers and Services (from Registry) Window