Autorun Window

The Autorun window is designed for scanning autoruns as well as associated items.

Window Appearance

Vba32 AntiRootkit autorun Autorun Window
Autorun window

Information Provided

The information is displayed in the form of table where:

  • the Name column contains the name of a scanning object;
  • the Image Path column contains the path to the scanning object;
  • the Registry Path column displays the full path to a registry key that contains information on the scanning object;
  • the Information column contains the result of scanning the object by the antivirus engine.

To provide flexible search, the information is divided into the following sections:

  1. section containing information on current Autorun.inf files;
  2. section containing information on all multilevel providers (LSP Providers) registered in the system;
  3. section containing information on autorun items that are specified directly in the registry (the Registry item and its subitems);
  4. section that provides information on the content of the autorun folder (Shell Autostart Folders).

Actions on Objects

  1. refreshing and scanning list of objects by pressing the Refresh button;
  2. viewing the object information specified in the registry by double-clicking the name of the object;
  3. enabling/disabling the object from the autoruns by setting/unsetting a flag opposite the object name.

Note: When disabling all information on the selected object from a registry key will be moved to the Vba32Disable registry branch specially created for this purpose. So you can restore it if needed.

  1. deleting information on the object by pressing the Delete button.

At that the following actions will be performed depending on the object type:

  • When deleting the information from the Autorun.inf Files and Shell Autostart Folders items, the selected files will be deleted from the hard drive;
  • When deleting the information from the Registry subitems, an entry, that corresponds to the selected object, will be removed from the registry.

Warning: Unadvised actions on objects may damage the system functioning.


Autorun Window