AntiVirus Kernel Settings Windows

The Edit – Settings menu item invokes the dialog box where you can configure scanning of objects by the antivirus engine.

  • The Cache Files flag enables cache of files during the scanning.
  • The Detect Spyware, Adware, Riskware flag enables the detection of Adware and Riskware. Such objects will be treated as infected.
  • The Thorough Mode flag sets excessive mode of the scanning.

Heuristic Analysis allows detecting unknown malicious programs as well as modifications of known malware. It provides more reliable protection of your computer. You can specify a level of the heuristic analysis.

Note: When increasing the level of the heuristic analysis the detection level is being increased as well. However it will cause more false positives.

Vba32 AntiRootkit avkernel settings AntiVirus Kernel Settings Window
AntiVirus Kernel Settings window


AntiVirus Kernel Settings Window