Quarantine of Vba32 AntiRootkit can be invoked by selecting the File – Quarantine menu item. Its dialog box holds name and size of files that user has placed to the quarantine with a help of a script. Also the following additional information is outlined: module description and its company-developer, results of checking its digital signature and scanning by the antivirus engine.

Provided a file is detected by the antivirus engine, it’ll be coloured in red (infected) or yellow (suspicious). All other modules will be displayed in black.

Vba32 AntiRootkit quarantine Quarantine
Quarantine window

Moreover the quarantine allows performing following opeations:

  • restoring specified files. You should set the flag opposite the object and press the Restore button;

Note: If the operation succeeds file will be restored. The corresponding flag opposite its name will be unset. If file with the same name already exists on a hard drive restoration won’t be performed. The flag will remain set in this case.

  • removing specified files from the quarantine (the Delete button);
  • scanning quarantined files (the Refresh button).